General Electric
Global Company Template

GE is best known for its work in the Power, Renewable Energy, Aviation and Healthcare industries. In collaboration with a well-known London digital agency, I created a global, flexible and bespoke PowerPoint template in a narrow and wide version format. 

Design Template Training

Living Proof
Marketing Template

Living Proof® is beauty products company focused of hair care and co-owned by Jennifer Aniston. In collaboration with a London brand agency, I created a flexible and bespoke PowerPoint template.

Design Template Training

Report Template

This flexible template contains specific elements for reports. From line and pie visualizations to various column and photo layouts. This PowerPoint template has been created especially for marketing managers for easy use.

Design Template Training

Bespoke PowerPoint, Keynote and Word templates.
I design presentations with existing content and create good functional master templates for various industries. I also offer PowerPoint training sessions to help teams use the template.

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