I'm an international freelance graphic designer. I work with a wide range of diverse clients, from small companies to large, global brands, allowing me to significantly broaden my skill-set and market knowledge.

My experience as an enthusiastic freelance graphic designer.

I'm an independent senior graphic designer with 9 years experience in the design industry. I'm an expert in various formats, including both print and digital. My primary focus: print design, presentation design, creative artworking and web design.

I've had the pleasure of working with a number of international companies including Mirum, GE, FC Arsenal, Comic Relief, Boden, Ogilvy, Red Bull and many others. I work a lot with companies in London, Amsterdam and Salzburg. 

Most of the time I work on projects remotely from my office in Salzburg. If required, I'm happy to work on-site in London.  Most of my clients are based in the UK.

My design expertise: I work with various clients and different industries – fintech, media, sports, B2B, technology, charity and many more.

For each project I find the best possible solution including efficient time management and clear communication. Behind the big glasses are eyes with a lot of attention to detail.

My experience means I know how to make design and content great and functional to a high standard.

Areas of expertise

Print Design (marketing collaterals)
PPT, Keynote and Word templates
Business presentations
Squarespace and Webflow websites
Digital ads, social assets 
OOH banner, booths

Personal Qualities

Strong attention to details
Reliable and pragmatic 
Positive outlook


Work Experience

9 years 
UK and international
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