Hey! I'm an international freelance graphic designer. I've worked with a wide range of diverse clients, from small companies to large, global brands, allowing me to significantly broaden my skill-set and market knowledge.

My experience as a passionate
freelance Graphic Designer.

I have about 5 years experience in advertising production and I am an expert covering multiple formats encompassing both Digital and Print. My skills are: Presentation design, editorial design, artworking and digital design.

I have had the pleasure of working with an array of international agencies and clients including FC Arsenal, Comic Relief, Boden, Ogilvy PR, Red Bull and many more. I have lived for a while in London and still working for on-site bookings in my favorite city. 

Most of the time I create projects remotely from my office in Salzburg. When required I am happy to work on-site in London
or Munich. Most of my clients are based in the UK and Germany – feel free to get in touch!


About my freelance work: I support professional PR agencies, startups, publishers, charities and creative translation agencies.

My work ensures a high standard of production quality and my mission is to achieve the best possible solution for client's needs. My wish is that companies are succesful through my work. 


Editorial design
Presentation design
Word templates
Infographic design
Digital design


Freelance Clients

Comic Relief
Red Bull
Cannes Lions
Ogilvy PR
Frankly Fluent

Work Experience

5 years + 
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Want to know more about
me and my work? 

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